3 Mistakes No One will Tell You about Your Relationship

Relationships can be the best or the worst part of your life depending upon the vision you are perceiving it. It is relationships that define the kind of a person you are or you’re not.

I am coming at this topic with a freaking six years experience dating with lowest lows & highest highs. Had I known these facts earlier, I would have developed a majestic personality 6 years back itself. Learn from my very mistakes & keep your charisma alive.

Do not Raincheck your Self-respect.

  1. Are you not happy with the reverts you’re getting from your relationship?
  2. Are all your efforts going into vain?
  3. Ae you not being celebrated by the people you love?

You’re not too late to read & understand one of the major mistakes you’re doing since years or months. Respecting your own self & putting your opinions (right or wrong) in front of the person you love adds a lot of value & accentuate your personality in a lot ways.

People often forgot to put their views in the fear of losing the person they love, in the fear of getting judged, in the fear of getting misunderstood. Do not raincheck your self respect in the fear of the above mentioned stuffs.

If you really want to know the nature of a person, you have to put forward your thoughts, your opinions in order to understand the POV (Point of View) – Positive or Negative from the corresponding person & that will decide your stay in that particular relationship.

Do not take update of the other person, all the time.

Sounds strange in the first place right? however in the name of showing love & concern, knowingly, unknowingly we usually keep tracking our loved ones 24*7. Knocking people time dilutes your own personality & helps the corresponding person take you for granted. Certain experiences of mine suggests me that the more you invest in yourself rather than investing in others, the more, people, will feel the void of your absence in their lives. Respect the relationship, embrace the bonding, developing yourself as an self sufficient individual simultaneously & you’ll feel the lost romance.

Do not try to change the other person as per your wish.

In every relationships, one need to understand & acknowledge that they are unique individuals. We often drawn to people opposite to our traits & after a while with them we feel so tempted to mold them according to our assumptions of perfection. this is indirectly snatching the freedom of your loved ones. In certain cases, we should remind ourselves that a person breathe freely where he or she is allowed to breathe freely. Learn to embrace the person as he or she is. Accompany them to being a better version of themselves & not a version of you. Fight to give them the wing beneath their wings & feel the difference.

Practice the mentioned things & comment down the results.


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